Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Operator error in loading up pics. Why can�t my blog look normal like everyone else�s with a banner, photos in the right spots and all that. I am just having a blah about how boring and stoooopid my blog is looking since I keep screwing up stuff�. Grrrr�.

On a positive note I managed to finish my single layout for my DT submission. Now just a summer tag accent to go!

I also got an e-mail today saying that 5 of my cards are going to be published in the the next issue of Creative Cardmarking and Papercraft� Was pleased about 5 cards being selected but disappointed now scrapping pages were accepted but was REALLY disappointed my billy can was knocked back. On the bright side, it meant I could sub them to other mags now! (Trying to find a positive out of it since that is a better attitude to work with! No idea what will be positive if they are knocked back from SC and FK! Deal with that later!)

That�s enough from me. A few other blogs to read and to reply to some e-mail then I am off to bed. Didn�t sleep much last night (at least Josh and Nikki slept well) so need to make up for it. Nat will be home tomorrow night, YAY, and Friday and Saturday night too since we have my friend�s wedding. I think mum is going to have Josh and Nikki overnight (Saturday) too� Even better!

Cheers All!

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