Friday, June 16, 2006

Always the way...

Why is it always the way that when you are in a creative moment you always run out of something...
I ran out of my favourite photo paper. I have others, but they are no the same. I printed out an A4 borderless print on my print (never done that before) and it looked totally awesome and I knew it was the last sheet when I was printing but I wasn't counting on the whole creativness to keep on going. I thought I'd play around with the photo for a while making 10 million decision before agreeing on one of my first few etc. I also don't have enough tag maker rims to complete the layout even *if* I had the photo paper. Damm it, the first chance I have to work on my Masters entry layouts (and the double and single are happening nicely, full of ideas!) there goes a spanner in the works. Off to Frankston tomorrow morning to get some more paper I guess with the 3 kiddies. Not what I had planned for the start of the weekend when Nat is working (all weekend!)


P.S On a brighter note, my Scrapbooks etc. sub has finally gotten its act together and I am not getting the mag that isn't even at the local newsagents yet! Yay, finally and about bloody time! If only the other 2 from the States kicked themselves into overdrive.

P.P.S Classic Nat comment at dinner this evening, "If only the kids had more than one *male* uncle!"
Well, duh is there any other kind. LOL, at least Nat picked up his comment pretty quick smart but was still quite funny. Normally the sort of thing my sister would say.

P.P.P.S Why isn't my fabric scrap pack from Jen Hall not here yet? Any ideas?

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Sarah said...

Hey Ros,
What tag maker rings do you need. I have some if you need them just email me and i can drop them around tonight if you want...