Friday, August 18, 2006

New York update

Wednesday 16th
Flight delayed an hour leaving Melbourne, 13.5 hours flying time, 1.5 hour change over in LA for the New York connection with huge queues in customs and loads of airport security. 4.5 hour flight to New York, 30 minute shuttle ride to our accommodation which we couldn’t find (someone had written the incorrect address down… Fiona) Traipsing around West 55th Street, Broadway and 8th Avenue with suitcases in twilight was an amusing experience (in hindsight). We finally found our accommodation and dragged our cases to our first floor New York style apartment. Dinner very late (9.30pm) and eventually going to sleep around 11pm only to wake numerous times during the night to the noise on 8th Avenue.

Thursday 17th
Spent today walking at least 4km going shopping, have seriously sore feet. Visited Toys r Us, Victoria’s Secret (pretty underwear), Kmart (looks and smells the same as home only they sell Pop tarts!), Barnes and Noble (bookstore), Europa CafĂ©, Journeys (shoe store), Office Depot, Duane Reade (pharmacy that sells food, chocolate and magazines just not scrapbooking ones) and Macy’s.

We did a pit stop in Macy’s and the toilet in Macy’s was so bad (the smell). It stank to high heaven way worse than any smell the kids, Nat and the dogs combined could do. Oh and the toilets were so low, almost perfect size for toilet training. This was all in what was called the “ladies lounge!” That reminds me, compared to the toilets in Qantas club (which are so plush) the planes toilet were majorly tiny.

After our huge walk today we came back for some R & R, a nap for me, interrupted by Nat calling (thanks dude) and then time to work on my travel journal which has entailed me ironing a map, for the front cover. So not the usual holiday activity but hey, I’m a scrapbooker what can I say!

Cheers till next time.


willisa said...

Sore feet is karma for not hiding me in your suitcase hun!!!

And OMG YOUR IN NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!

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kerri said...

I'm glad you are having a great time!