Thursday, October 12, 2006

My news...

Will, and everyone else (but you are the main person who is so curious!) I will put you out of your miseray and tell you what my news is... Yes, I am pregnant again. Totally unexpected but loving my new bump. I had my 12 week ultrasound yesterday and it was blab day to tell all out family. (Have always told everyone else before 12 weeks with the other 3 kiddies!)

I was planning on doing a layout with the ultrasound pic to tell everyone, but I am too tired and my mojo has gone. We had mum's group here this morning, 7 kids running around making a mess and I am exhausted!

My favourite ultrasound picture... we also go to see some 4d ultrasound... Didn't have to pay for it (bonus) and not worth the $200+ you do pay for it when you can't see magic eye stuff etc. (like me)

Nikki's birthday was 2 days ago, will update with pics of my Miss 2 after my Mst. 1 has his birthday on Wednesday.


P.S. Nat is getting a vascetomy (sp.) so there won't be a fifth!


Amy Bland said...

Hi Ros,

Just read your news.....

Hope you are feeling well....was that the cause of your gastro? (wink wink?!?!?)

Amy B

Sarah said...

Congrats to you again Girl....

very exciting but a huge drama for you for the next 6 odd months.

Thanks for my tape tonight....
talk to you soon


Will said...


I actually was convinced when I had the exact same dream LAST NIGHT!!! How weird is that!! So then I woke up all excited!!

Congrats Ros!! That picture is goregous!! I so love ultrasounds!! Looking forward to sharing the next 6 odd months with you!



Wendy said...

Wow! Congratulations Ros!!

The ultrasound scan is AMAZING!

Have lots of naps & take care :D


NuttyScrapper said...

HUGE Congrats Ros!!

Cindy said...


I hope it all goes smoothly for you :)

Katie Toland said...

Wonderful news! Congrats Ros (and family). Hope all goes well, take care. I'll see you in a few weeks anyway so I'll be able to congratulate you in person :)