Friday, November 16, 2007

Final card

So I finally finished the card. Obviously my order arrived and I managed to squeeze the time in to get it done... In between all my running around today grocery shopping, running errands for Nat who has a bucks party all weekend and is currently after doing O/T at work..., walked the kids to childcare and I have to drive Nat to Portsea (grrr)...

Now back to the cards, they are not my designs (I'll be honest!) I got the inspiration of Splitcoaststampers and tweaked them to make them more mine.

All Stampin Up products used for all the cards, if you want further info, more than happy to list it for you.

Now for my update, my little "no fear" boy did this to himself on Cup Day. 2nd photo taken on the Thursday (8th). He put a chair on top of the outdoor table and fell (somehow).

With it splurting blood like no tomorrow (and Nat not being very calm) we rang the ambulance. They came out and cleaned Drewie up and suggested to us to take him to The Valley Hospital (as we have private health insurance). We were at The Valley for less than an hour and Drew was so good. They used "glue" to stick his forehead back together. Mind you it was $260 later (we got $190 back from Medicare) but honestly I would have paid whatever seeing as it was a public holiday and we weren't waiting forever at Frankston Hospital.

Bella is nearly 7 months old now! Yup my little bubba is getting bigger!

I call her Boo (as in Bella Boo and this is some journaling I typed up and saved as I was "in the moment".

Boo you are nearly 7 months old now and sit up so confidently.
You will sit and play with toys for a long time (half an hour or more) as long as they are close enough for you to reach.
You pull your dummy in and out of your mouth often.
You love to be wrapped up (angel wrap) for bed and settled down for sleep straight away.
You aren’t crawling yet and are happy to have more tummy time than last month when you would grizzle and carry on.
You don’t have any teeth yet, love to eat fruit and vegetables with yogurt and custard being your favourites.
When someone familiar comes into the room, you wiggle and wave your arms with around as if to say “Hello” as you aren’t saying any words yet.

I had a Stampin Up course on Saturday, was great fun and I learnt lots of new stuff (samples and more classes coming up soon). I did have to leave early though as Alan (may as well be my step dad) had a car accident in my mum's car (and mum is overseas with my sister). Nat helped Alan out but I couldn't be creative once I knew there had been an accident. I guess I was super worried as mum was away and I knew there was nothing she could do (nor could I really but you know...)

I brought Alan home from the hospital on Monday night as he had to go in for a check up. I had Josh and Nikki with me (and they were calling Alan, Bummer read Bammar, as that is what they call him) and 2 people thought that Alan was Josh and Nikki's dad. So if Alan was supposed to be Josh and Nikki's dad, what does that make me? LOL... Of course the 2 of us corrected the people quickly saying Daddy was at home and that he was Grandad.

Have been busy checking up on Alan and answering queries for mum with a little creating in between. Sent out card swaps for the Christmas Card swap I was hosting on Bon's Scraps (awesome cards by everyone). Have my Summer mini catalogue swap for Stampin Up to do now. Made a start on it last night and got a bit done and I didn't procrasinate like I usually do so it was definete progress.

Off to go and do more of it now.


P.S. When taking photos with your camera, remember to put the memory card back in after downloading pics! LOL that is what I did before and took 2, yes TWO photos of my Mr and Mrs card before I clicked what the No CF card message was! Huge blonde moment happening here. LOL!!!!

P.P.S Miss Nikki's latest funny (going to do a layout about it especially with my All in the Family stamp set (more about that next post))

Grandmas cat is called “Castle” said Nikki

The cat is really called Tassle! LOL


Fiona said...

Loved your Miss Iz journalling - I can't wait to see her and the rest of the tribe. Not long now - woohoo!!!

You know that photo of Drew's head complete with gash sort of looks like he is plotting more mischief. Oh the joys *grin*.

See you soon


cdaly said...

Those boys are ratbags aren't they. Sam has a matching picture (and we did the same thing for a quick glue up!). Great cards!