Friday, January 18, 2008

7 weird and wonderful things about me...

Hmmm, gotta think for a while. It’s not easy I tell you, and it should be... Sleep deprivation screws with my head every time. Couldn’t sleep last night so I started reading my latest SM mag. Low and behold, I got the shock of my life when I turned the page and saw my layout (the 2 of us became 5) in the running for people’s choice. Something weird going on there with the dates in the mag, re voting. November 2007, I don’t think so!

Anyway, I was so excited I had to call Nat and tell him about it and finally remember to tell her I had a layout accepted that morning for SM too.

Bella is pulling herself up to a standing position (using Nat’s tall speaker) and sits up in her cot after waking from a nap now. She is doing better, crawling around much more now. Crawls a little different in using her left hand/arm as to before but is improving all the same. She certainly is taking the recovery slowly but is trying to run in the scheme of other things.

Mum’s wedding went well, it was lovely and not to hot (only I managed to get burnt of course). Must have plastered the make up on better than Matt’s wedding in December as I only got burnt on my arms.

Katie Toland, took some photos (can’t wait to see them) and we had our cameras out and happening as always.

Just one photo to upload. A photo of 4 generations (one I have been waiting for a while on). Have taken a few previously but this now has all members of my family (that is relevant to the photo) in it. So glad my sister doesn’t have kids yet as it meant there was an adult to hold each and every child! The were over photos by this point and we had not long started and they were off trying to do a runner all the time.

Now back to the weird and wonderful things about me...
1. I broke my left arm so badly when I was 7, I needed surgery to repair it. I didn’t know at the time but the bone was broken through my skin. I still have a scar to this day to remind me of it.
Note to all, don’t get pulled along on the road by a bike (bicycle) when you are on roller-skates and put your hand down on the ground to steady yourself.

2. I worked in timber yards for almost 10 years before finally stopping work just before Bella was born

3. I have a mole (nicknamed coco pop, as it looks exactly like one) on my stomach, 3 inches across from my belly button

4. My tongue swells from having heyfever (which I never knew I had until recently) and it swells so much I had to take my tongue bolt out (5th January 2008). Kinda weird now seeing as my tongue was pierced for nearly 6 years.

5. I was born 3 months premature (and in an ambulance). Whilst pregnant, it was a fear to have my children born that early. Thankfully, that was never the case.

6. I am the eldest granddaughter on both sides of my family and on my dad’s side my eldest cousin is 6 weeks younger than me.

7. I love chocolate (but then again who doesn’t) but hate chocolate ice cream, yogurt and all things not chocolate flavoured but love chocolate mousse (especially home made. Yummo!)

Off to make an engagement card for my cousin who got engaged over Christmas. I can’t go to the party but my Oma rang this morning and asked me to make one large enough for all the family to sign. I guess she really liked her calendar and likes my stuff.... Oh well, good for my ego if nothing else! Certainly feeling much better today than in previous days, wasn’t coping with the depression very well.



Fiona said...

to hear about Boo improving - I'd love to see her pulling herself up using the speaker *grin*.

Looking forward to seeing your engagement card you are creating - have fun!.


Deb Ross said...

Hi Ros,
Glad that Bella is on the mend.

I actually remember when you did that layout, it is a fantastic layout well done.

Can't wait to see some more of your layouts up.


cdaly said...

Such a gorgeous layout Ros, and a precious photo too. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit stronger. What you went through with Bella would throw any of us for 6 emotionally!