Sunday, January 27, 2008

Small update

We didn’t do much on Australia Day. Nat worked overtime Friday night, and then had his normal shift of Saturday/Sunday/Monday working. We all spent Saturday afternoon having nanna naps. Even Josh! I know yesterday was Australia Day but it is a bit wierd seeing as the public holiday is on Monday. It sort of didn’t feel like Australia Day to me, but then that could be as I never left the house either.

I have been struggling with my PND a bit this weekend, I usually have more trouble on the weekends and when family have gone away (yes all my family except me) it makes things even worse. To add to it all, being a long weekend and Nat working it just completes the trifecta.

Been trying to do a lot of cooking and more craft as the re-direction helps. Made pizza pinwheels for lunch today, butter chicken and caramel walnut fudge brownie yesterday. Who knows what I may cook tomorrow!

My grandmother loved the card I made (see Errr... stuff post) and asked mum “Did Ros make this?” Well, I am assuming she liked it, from that comment! LOL...

I’ve had a few people ask how Bella is. She is getting better and has about 80% use of her arm. If it doesn’t improve much more in 2 weeks time I’ll have to take her to a childrens chiropractor. Would that be paediatric chrio or am I just making that up now?

Note to self, by Stampin’ Up heat gun. The metal barrel on normal heat guns gets really hot and hurt like hell when you burn your fingers! And sadly, this isn’t the first time I have done this. Not to mention that I also burnt my fingers on UTEE today as well. I guess I win the klutz of the day award today.

Having a cyber stamp night tonight with some of the girls on one of the Stampin’ Up! Forums I visit. Trying to get the kids into bed and stay there. Not an easy task when it is still so light outside and other kids are out in the street playing.

Best get a move on or else I’ll never get to stamps/scrap.

P.S. Got the photos of my mum's wedding yesterday of Katie Toland and they are awesome! Usually I like black and white better for the simplicity but the colours in these photos are amazing! A mini album will be coming once I get the photos printed etc. Maybe after Feb. when sale-a-bration is finished.

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Katie Toland said...

Phew, I can breathe again LOL I'm glad you like them :) Thanks hon.