Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Conned by a 3 year old...

Nikki is having a sleepover at Grandma’s house as it is her turn (apparently). Grandma and Nikki went shopping today and while they were at Target, Nikki made a beeline for the boogie boards (which she calls surf boards) and said to Grandma “I haven’t got one of those!”
Meanwhile a phone call home to me got no answer as I was out at playgroup with the other kids and back to Target they went to purchase said “surf board”.
A very happy Nikki in the car on the way home told Grandma “I’ve got 2 now! I’ve got a yellow* one which I don’t like, and a pink one, which I LOVE!”
Now, that is how you get conned by a 3 year old... Sad isn’t it, at 3, she already knows how to work Grandma! LOL

* Nikki’s boogie board is actually blue and pink NOT yellow

Yesterday I was told the kids I had a chiropractor appointment to which they each replied with an unorthodox way of saying chiropractor
Josh – chiorpractor
Nikki – cryapractor
Drew – priocrack

Just a few more funny kid sayings etc.
Josh (3rd February) saying his ABC’s
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, Lemon, O, P, E, H, G, Q, R, S, E, F, G, W, T, W, F, Y, Z next time won’t you sing with me
Obviously we need to work on his ABC’s some more, but I find it funny how he misses out the “J” seeing as it is “his” letter

Nikki (also 3rd February) said after politely asking for breakfast “Mum! Do I look hungry to you?”

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Fiona said...

They are all very cute! And what can I say about Nikki.... must be that her name satrts with N - sound like anyone else we know that starts with Nat *grin*


jodee76 said...

I know all about being conned by my now 4 year old! They catch on quick hey?

Love Josh's ABC's. Cassie says her pretty much the same way but starts with A B C KIDS E S G!

They're just too funny!


Willisa said...

LOL, Nikki is so my kind of girl!

Deb Ross said...

Hey Ros,

It doesn't end at 3 either, they continue to con for the rest of their lives, we actually call J the scammer.

Deb Ross