Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy late eater!

Okay so they are late easter wishes! We celebrated with my brother and SIL's family on Good Friday so that is my excuse for being all out of wack! The kids had a ball at "Uncle Warren's" and can't wait to go back...

Josh's favourite part I am sure was going on Uncle Warren's "tractor". The kids loved it as I am sure my brother did too. It seems to be his favourite kind of parenting (Uncling) by just being a kid and having fun... Shame Chloe (3 months)is a little too young for it all yet!
Check out Nikki's chin. She banged it up good on the concrete last Tuesday and is still sporting a nice bruise and scrap... Either which way, she is more than pleased with some of her easter egg find.
This is more for me than most, but I love this photo of all the cousins. 5 kids under 5. Certainlty makes for a challenging photo op. Chloe can't sit yet so Dee had to hold her and try not to be in the photo. LOL...
Oh yeah, on other thing, I can't believe how long Chloe has gotten. I haven't seen her since Jan. 12 when she was still baby looking and now she is almost as long as Bella! And there is like 8 months difference or something. Miss Chloe is calling to be a tall one I am sure!
I haven't done a lot (Nat has been working) so I have been attempting to keep the kids quiet, house tidy (ha ha ha, with my 4, it's pretty hard!) and all the usual stuff. I have managed to do 2 scrapbook layouts. My first 2 of the year!!!! Pretty sad isn't it, can't show them yet as they are for a guest DT stint.

Just a brief one and so I can update the SU retirment list. See this post for details.
P.S. I got my pre-order of new catalogues last week and the are awesome... If anyone wants to pre order one, they are $12.95 inc. P & H (I am paying the P & H for you at the moment!)

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Fiona said...

So what is the tag for the kids photo - "Five little angels all in a row?" Hmm may be pushing the envelope *grin*