Friday, June 27, 2008

Hospital "excursion"

Yesterday Josh was supposed to go on a kinder excursion to Monash Medical Centre. He was super excited (as young kids are) and was going "shhhh" all the time as they were told to be quiet. That obviously got boring as he decided to climb the gate to the "secret" garden which has barb wire twists at the top. He was right at the top and I pulled him down. He now has a huge big cut in his right hand (and his is right handed) from 1cm down from the top of his little finger to about 2cm short of the end of his hand.

We rushed straight to the doctors, who sent us to the hospital fearing tendon damage. The doctors looked at the letter the accompanied us and said "he needs to see a plastic surgeon." So that is where we will be today...

Nat was furious that Josh was climbing the gate (as he is a monkey and a 4 year old money at that!) and I feel so responsible. If I had of waited for him to come down instead of pulling him off the gate, maybe none of this would have happened... and then Josh would have got to go on his excursion instead of the private one we recieved yesterday and today.



Sue M said...

Ouch! I've got someone here (nearly 2) who likes to organise his own personal gymnastics sessions whenever I turn my head or pop out of the room so can really relate to this one! Hope it all goes well with the plastic surgeon and that he is all healed up and better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ros,
I hope everything went well. Poor Joshy. Remember you are a great Mum and this is not yuur fault at all.

Take care
Big hugs to Joshy from Harry..