Monday, June 16, 2008

New card

Time for a new card, one of the cards from my techniques class last week. I usually try to do both a feminine and masculine card using the same technique so people can see how versatile it is.

Been a busy weekend for me, 2 workshops. Oh but I love it... Only Nat has worked all weekend as well plus overtime on Friday night so it has been a made house here... and the house looks like a bomb has hit it! Got another 2 card classes this week on Friday and Saturday so more fun for me.

Doing tours of the local primary schools for Josh at the moment. Having the final one tomorrow then deciding where we are enrolling him. Nat's car is currently being fitted for gas so we are down to one car which makes things interesting.

Gotta go and clean some of the mess up before the kids wake from their naps. Then they have to vacuum up dry macaroni they split on the floor in 3 (yes, THREE) different areas of the house. Good thing Bella is at childcare as I don't need her eating it!



Fiona said...

Cool card! Pasta fiends - just cook it up for them!


Will said...

Mmmmm I have to come do one of your classes!

Any luck on the Primary schools yet?? I'm thinking about looking at the little catholic school on Broderick rd.

chat soon!