Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Catch up... Long-ish post....

So it has been really busy around here the last week. I am not really sure with what, but I tell you, it has been. I do know that it has been my MIL's birthday (and we had the family over to celebrate...) Thanks Kris for the yummy cheesecake, now remember, I want a caramel one for my birthday.... (Fiona, you might need to remind her! LOL)

I know I've had a Stampin' Up! business meeting... We ate some yummo food.
I've had a horrible sinus/head cold infection that is finally going away after what feels like two or more weeks.
Had a workshop for a high school friend who lives in Caroline Springs... A slight drive from Skye, especially when driving home quite tired and the Monash Freeway is down to 80km or less most of the way.

Bella has spit out some new words, this last week...
Said “Look” and pointed at the same time.
Said “out” while watching the kids play outside (and standing at large window in rumpus room). See picture below...

Had dinner with my grandmother for mine and Josh’s birthday. Was lovely to see her as always, have a great dinner with mum and the rest of the family and see how close my knitted jumper and crossover are to completion. Oma (Grandma) knitted them for me but mum is going to sew them up... I CAN’T knit! I get cramps in my hands and lose far too many stitches. LOL

Made some cards and a layout/card for my MIL’s birthday... A complete lift from Loretta Grayson’s, National Scrapbooking Day one over at 2Peas.... Had a ball doing if all the same and my MIL loved it.

Have a technique class tomorrow night (after Pilates) so will share those cards on Friday. Class is split negative. Still have 2 spaces remaining if anyone is interested.

Nikki had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday. I am suffering from severe lack of sleep as I didn’t get a nanna nap today like I was planning on... (My dad came over with family history on his father’s father side... I think... back to early 1700’s... Also has some photos which I scanned and am considering attempting to do some heritage scrapbooking... OMG, a style I DON’T do!)

Nikki is doing okay most of the time except for when she wakes up from sleeping in huge amounts of pain.... I was totally glad for the morphine they gave her last night I tell you...

Best get my butt moving off this chair before it gets too late and no scrapping gets done. I’ve got lots of ideas I am wanting to do for the FK awards but finding the time is difficult...

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Fiona said...

Great photos! Hope Miss Nikki is feeling better soon.


ps: I'll remind Kris *grin*