Monday, September 15, 2008

Freak out!

I was mowing the front lawn and weeding the garden yesterday with the kids outside. (Bella was in her swing and the others on bikes, scooters/walking around.) As we live in a fairly quiet court it is pretty safe for the kids to be outside (as long as an adult is around.) Josh was riding his bike and went to the very end of the court and wouldn't come back... No amount of calling etc. Soon enough, I couldn't see him. After throwing what I could in the garage and the kids in the car I started looking for him. First I went to my brother's old court (2 courts away), then tried one of the local parks. Thankfully I found him there as there was only one other place I was going to check before having a spazz attack and calling everyone for help. Josh had gotton his shoelace caught around his pedal and couldn't pedal anymore and was looking a little "lost". He said as soon as I unwound his foot, "I'm going to time out, aren't I?"I packed up his bike into the car and told him I didn't want to talk to him till we got home. I was fumming! Once we got home I made Josh ring Nat (Daddy) which he was more scared about than going to time out. He hasn't realised that he can't ride his bike for a week yet either.

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