Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ahhhhh, the kids drove me crazy today and you are about to find out why.... LOL, I decided that I wanted hot dogs for lunch. No problems, we had the hot dogs in the fridge but no rolls. I thought okay, it's a nice day we can walk down to the local shops. Josh and Nikki can ride their bikes and I can take the other two in the pram...

A 15-20 minute return trip turned into a 70 minute walk with stopping to get help fixing Nikki's bike seat (it was come off the bike completely) to me kicking Drew out of the pram, loading up the kids bikes onto the pram sideways (like a bike rack) and walking them home that way. I got sick of pulling one along and pushing the pram and there was no way I could push/pull both bikes and the pram.

I told Josh to run ahead and open the house for me, but he was to hot so Nikki took off like a shot and even got Nat out of bed to help me. Of course Drew was lagging behind bigtime. I have never been on such a short walk that took so long and left me so tired.

Crossing the road, well that is another story!

P.S. I for one thing, will NEVER take all 4 kids to the shops with bikes/prams again. Scooters maybe but certainly not tomorrow I need a huge rest first!

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