Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's something I do...

From when the kids were all born, I have their measurements each month and then when they reached 12 months continued it every three months from there. Thankfully, the kids birthdays are April, July and October (all three months apart) so that only month I "really" need to remember is January.

Josh, 118.5cm, 19.9kg, size 12 shoes
Nikki, 109.5cm, 19.2kg, size 11 shoes
Drew, 103.5cm, 15.8kg, size 11 shoes
Bella, 87cm, 12.2kg, size 6 shoes

Something, I have noticed about Josh is he grows up to 4.5cm in three months x 2 and then doesn't grow any more until six months later. Interesting...

Kinder meeting tomorrow, dress fitting, suit shopping, cake shopping (if we can fit it in), Nat is working (so dinner needs to be cooked early etc.) so I had better go to bed.


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I didn't do the measurements that precisely...I did pictures like that...every month for the first three and then once a month until they were a year. I will tell you that oldest son's feet were interesting to watch grow. When he was 11, he wore an 11 (US men's 11). When he was 12, he wore a 12. Then he skipped 13s and went to 14s so he was no longer shoe size for age. Now that he's 18, he wears a 16 and I think they've stopped growing. He is almost 6'7", but he still has ginormous feet.

Fiona said...

Well Drew has a bit of a hoof on him *grin* - Does he wear Nikki's shoes? *grin*