Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victoria Fires

The fires that are damaging Victoria at the moment are terrible. Thankfully, (so far) no one I know has been badley affected by them. Some immediate family have been affected but only minor and have suffered no loss etc.

I was in Cobram when they started and the car tempature was reading 53 degrees outside the car! We had to take an alternate route back home seeing as the Hume was blocked both ways due to the smoke so we had to come home via Bendigo. Lucky we left when we did as we were less than an hour in front of the fires at Bendigo and if we hadn't of been able to get home via Bendigo, we would have been stuck!

I read on Janine Kaye's blog that she is offering specials on photo shoots and taking photos for free. As a scrapbook and if I have lost all my photos, I would be devasted so I am trying to help pass the message around. We are looking at setting up a fundraiser through our Stampin' Up! team to help raise money for the cause. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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