Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bridal shower/kitchen tea or a shower tea?

I went to a friends shower tea today (I always thought it was either a bridal shower or a kitchen tea, not a shower tea... ) Anyway, aside from thinking it is an odd name it wasn't bad. I have only ever been to one other bridal shower so I don't have a huge expectation other than bring a gift, play games and eat food. It was my friend from Kinder who is getting married next weekend. I felt a little odd there as I know off many of the people but am not in the click with all the others there. Plus, I was the only one there that has kids... Well, the only one around my age group that has kids. All the other mothers there have children my age!

Only one of my friends from high school has a child (same age as my youngest Drew) so many of them have no idea what it is like to raise a family and forget about the kids when inviting you places. I always like to ask "are the kids invited?" because I hate to go somewhere and everyone is talking behind your back saying "oh they brought the kids, I thought this was an adult only thing..."

Moving along, I went scrapbook shopping this morning only supposed to be stopping off to purchase Maya Road mini frames and the next size up... $45 later and I was leaving.... Tempations were too great! I needed the mini Maya Road frames to finish my BOM for the DT I am applying for but haven't had a chance to do anymore work on it yet today. Between the bridal shower, scrapbook shopping and calling my mum for her birthday, the day disappeared. Not I need to make a voucher and pocket for the voucher for mum's present and finish cooking her birthday cake.

Best be off and do it all before one of the kids wake up.

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Allison said...

Hey sounds like you have had a busy day. it is shocking going into a scrapping shop and only buying one thing because you always come out with more hee hee lol...enjoy your scrapping items