Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gone for a couple of days...

Haven’t blogged for a couple of days. I have been online but by the time I get around to it, I have been dead tired. Not sleeping well due to the heat (and the kids) and I am just so tired all the time… Hopefully, tonight will be a better night. Nat is at work on nightshift and the older 2 kids have childcare tomorrow so at least if I need to sleep during the day, I will be able to.

Went over to my mum’s house on Sunday for a bbq for her birthday and then on Monday I went shopping for a top to wear to my friend’s wedding. I wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find something that you can still breastfeed in, be sorta dressy and not have tiny straps so that a maternity bar will poke through all the time. After coming home from Frankston depressed I spoke to my mum and she came to the rescue this morning. Aren’t mothers great? Where would we be without them. Anyway, I am happy now I have a top to wear with my black skirt to the wedding that I will be comfortable in and can breastfeed Drew in as well. All problems solved! Hopefully it will be a nice day and not too hot or cold!

I went outside to put rubbish in the bin today and noticed how sad my chives were looking so I took all 3 of the kids outside to water the garden… Nikki was being my little helper eating the dirt from my rose plant… Josh ended up in my car with my sunnies on and Drew was the only one well behaved and not running a muck!

Proof of this mornings escapes… I was yelling so much I woke Nat up and he come outside… At least he managed to race inside and grab the camera and get these classic photos of Josh and Nikki.

I’ve been working on my single layout for my DT submission for days but still haven’t finished it. The kids are being kids… LOL, I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow at the very latest…. Need to especially since I want to submit it for one of SM’s themes!

One more thing, just a little tin (filled with choccies) and matching card I made for my mum’s work colleague today… One way to cut into the Basic Grey stash!



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