Monday, January 30, 2006


I took the eldest 2 swimming this morning with my mum and sisiter (Drew came too but not in the water!). I had forgotten how tiring it is with the kids in the water. They are laying down for naps now (not asleep) but I am not far from joining them!

Josh was so confident in the water compared to when he has swimming lessons at the local pool… I have pulled him out of lessons this term as he is having his tonsils removed in 3 weeks time and may need up to 3 weeks off swimming. (With swimming lessons you can only do 2 make up lessons per term).

Nikki has never been swimming before (she didn’t start lessons at 6 months like Josh did) but preferred the shallow end that she could walk in rather than the 1m end… She didn’t do too badly considering she hadn’t been before. She loved to climb in and out of the pool like Josh was; only she wasn’t doing the huge big jump into the pool!

I didn’t take my camera to the pool as all 3 of us we in the water and I didn’t want someone to nick the camera! I paid too much for it to see it stolen! I spoke to Nat before and he said he would come and take photos of the kids next week. Can’t wait to show everyone photos of Josh going down the waterslide! Such a classic!

Must end this as Josh has just gotten out of bed and closed the study door saying “Mummy, got to shut door!”


P.S. On the scrapping front, many layouts started, none finished. All waiting on something like letters or time! LOL…

P.P.S Josh just came in (to the study) holding a receipt from his brand new runners saying “the $50 has come back!”
If only receipts were all worth $50!
P.P.P.S For the person who commented and asked who DH is? DH stands for dear husband or in my case husband to be who is Nat!

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