Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have finally photographed the card I made for my sister�s friend. Do you think it could have had something to with it was her friend�s party last night and the card was no longer going to be here? Just a simple quick one�

I took the 3 kids off for a drive this morning. We went to visit a scrap store in Eltham that Brooke mentioned on her blog

It was actually a fair drive from here (since I am near Frankston) and took just over an hour. I was pretty good and didn�t buy too much. Most of the money I spent ($20 or so) was on huge Rusty Pickle chipboard letters. I haven�t seen them before so had to buy a few letters! That and some new ribbon and is almost all I brought. I was pretty restrained considering that the store (Simply Scrapbooking) has a children�s play area too!

Best be off, nearly finished my sewing for Nikki�s garden grot layout� Ordered some letters for the title so it won�t be finished for another couple of days yet�. Bummer but it will be done. The hard part is almost over.


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Janelle Wind said...

Hi Ros,
Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I would be happy to make you a bag - just let me know if you want any details etc @
x Janelle