Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day everyone… We had all our family (except my sister and 1 of my SIL’s) over for a bbq lunch. LOL, my brother (Warren) had my sister and a few others thinking that we were going to be getting married today as both my mum and dad had been invited with their partners for lunch (my parents have been divorced for a few years now!) Warren was telling everyone, why else would they have invited BOTH mum and dad!

We didn’t get married (since it wasn’t even planned) but Nat did say “We are getting married… eventually” just to stir the pot some!

I made the 21st card for my sister’s friend but it is to late to photograph it now. I will post it tomorrow.

Just a quick one from me as I am so tired… A houseful of people all day (with some only just leaving an hour ago) and I am dead tired!


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