Friday, January 13, 2006


I just got a contract from SM for a layout about Nikki I did ages ago. It was based on a layout Kim Archer designed for the Tsunami workshop on It was requested for My Reflections, was photographed and I never heard anything else about it. I thought it was in the trash pile since My Reflections has ceased publication but it was a great surprise to receive in my mailbox this morning…
Look out for my layout “Happy Girl” in Vol 7, No. 9

Ohhh and on another note, Li’l Davis Designs sent me a replacement for my missing h (mini alpha caps). The sent me a whole new pack and some other freebies! Gotta love that! Plus they were so prompt, I sent them my snail mail address on the 6th of Jan. and a week later replacement goodies… Yay!

Gotta go and feed Drew, he is demanding some boob! Can’t 3 months old little boys have some patience? LOL!


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Linda said...

Congrats on the layout!! Oh, and how good are Li'l Davis.. great service..