Monday, January 16, 2006

It�s been a busy couple of days. We had my friend from Kindergarten wedding on Saturday and getting ready and dropping the kids off at my mum�s it felt as if I was getting ready as soon as I got out of bed. It was a lovely service, not to long and the reception was great. Lovely main course! I took some great pics (still need to download them from the camera, and charge it!) but can�t wait to scrapbook them!

Due to the long day on Saturday, Sunday was spent trying to stay awake (LOL!) When I finished feeding Drew and went to go for a nap (Josh was already awake and Nikki just went to bed) Josh woke up and played with Nikki so there was no hope of her going to sleep. I managed to get some sleep eventually and Nat watched the kids before leaving for work.

Been hanging to get online and check e-mail and the new pictures in the scrapboxx gallery but I have to wait for the kids to be in bed as they are �so helpful� in the study.

All 3 of the kids were asleep at the one time this morning (sooooo rare) as it was 10am and Josh is not usually in bed before 12.30 (he woke up with a 40.1 degree temp.) so I managed to get a little bit of scrapping done. I started (and finished) my summer tag accent for the LSS DT application. I have finished all of their �challenges� now and will be dropping them off to the store either tomorrow or Wednesday. Just need to put my name on the back of everything!

The kids are all asleep now (YAY) really early for them� Hopefully Josh is just teething which is giving him the high temp. and nothing more�. Will keep updates on him and hopefully he doesn�t end up in my bed again tonight�


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