Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Don't do that!

I was working on my layout about 2005 in review today when DH was watching me stick photos down. I pulled a piece of cardstock up that I had previously stuck down and DH goes “What are you doing? You’ll wreck it!”

I said to him “As if you care!”

To which he responded “ha” and went outside to work on the retaining wall some more.

That would have to be the biggest reaction I have received from him without asking him a question about my scrapping first!


P.S. The layout isn’t quite finished, I ran out of the DMC cotton I was using… Figures… DH is going to get me some more tomorrow from Spotlight.

P.P.S. Major progress when DH agrees to stop off at Spotlight for me and pick up something without a single complaint!

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Anonymous said...

who is DH?