Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I just got off the phone to Qantas booking my trip to the States in August to go to CKU-M… So excited and had to share. Waiting on my SIL to book her trip now. I just tired calling Kerri (my friend in Canada) and her damm phone is engaged… She is going to meet me in New York and I had told her the dates I wanted to travel, but hadn’t booked it! So Kerri, if you are reading this, I will land in New York on the 16th at 5.20pm local time.

I took another photo of my genuine article layout of Nat, as the first photo was too dark. I love the layout (would you believe it is the first one I have done of just Nat?) and he hates it. Figures!

Drew has just woken up from his long sleep and is hungry so I best go and feed him before he gets real cranky and wakes up Josh and Nikki. All 3 kids were asleep at one time, such a rarity!



Kerri said...

That's awesome! Thanks for letting me know. When are you leaving NY for Boston?

me again said...

Nice layout btw....