Monday, February 20, 2006


I have been quite busy lately. With working 2 days a week (from almost nothing) to Josh having his tonsils out, then not, then maybe and now 95% sure it is all going ahead... I have been busy packing with the hospital (I am staying overnight with him) making arrangements for Nikki and Drew, filling out paperwork etc... It has been never ending along with working today (for a couple of hours) as I will be missing Wednesday.

I will be glad to sit back at the hospital for a little rest... LOL... I hope they do operate on Joshie (he has a cyst in his eye that got infected) and don't want to push the operation back as they just stuffs everything up. It has taken us 4 weeks to get this date...

Best be off, wanting to read some blogs before bed and need to squeeze in some more time for my DT project.

Hmmm, can I sleep less?

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