Thursday, February 09, 2006

Challenge and other stuff

This is Ali's challenge: I want you all to post in your blogs 10 of your layouts. It doesn't matter if you've already uploaded them to your blog before - just think of it as giving us all a "refresher".

Now - these 10 layouts - they have to be a *certain* 10.
I want to see the 10 layouts which are either:
(a) your favourite 10 layouts; or
(b) the 10 layouts that you're most proud of; or
(c) 10 layouts that have some really special significance*** ; or
(d) a combination of any of the above!***

I know that *all* our pages are special and signficant - but i'm referring to those layouts that really have that extra "meaning" to you...

I love this challenge (obviously) so here are my 5 for today (I will post 5 more tomorrow)

Genuine Article - This is the only page of Nat I have ever scrapped and it took me so long as he hates the photos and I was afraid I wouldn't be happy with whatever I put onto paper as he would hate it no matter what....

(I wonder if I can get this right, have the layout where the comments are re: the layout?

Not looking good so far!

Grotty girl: A typical picture of Nikki. Journaling reads how she is never clean and always grotty and quite often snotty! I love it because it captures the true Nikki and not one that would normally be documented!

Baby belly: I love this layout as when the photos were being taken (VFI Studios) I felt so glamerous and had a ball (and I love the way it captures me pregnant.) I didn't have this done the other 2 pregnancies as I didn't want photos much the same.

Halloween: It is a photo taken of my SIL and a family friend (whilst I was baby sitting my nephew) and not something in my usual style. I had the Ki Memories halloween papers and get creating.

Medical Journal: I like this as I captured the details of the time Josh was admitted to hospital with dehydration from diahorrea but had no photos. One of my few no photos layouts.

Okay, so there is my 5 for today. I will do a seperate post of the kids scrapbooking as this one is long enough!


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