Saturday, February 25, 2006


I went to Rebel Sport today to go and get a pair of crocs (they are sooo awesome) and of course, they didn't have the colour I wanted in my size... I am now waiting 7-10 days for them to be sent to Frankston. At least I will have a pair then and won't have to wait until I go to the States in August like I was going to do. (I didn't want to order a pair of the net in case I got the wrong size of something...)

I had all 3 kids at the shops with me (on my own). I was feeling game I guess as I even went and tried on a few pairs of jeans (and brought a pair) with the kids around... Not really a 3 kid activity.... The best bit was my jeans were on sale, orginally $49.95 marked down to $29.95. Cool, I thought, I can do that. As I went to pay for them, she said "that will be $11"
I was like, "cool" bonus... Always love it when that happens!

All from me today, I am working on a layout for the ribbons theme in SM.... Never know my luck (hopefully!)


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