Friday, February 24, 2006

Mini Tin

I took the photos of my mini tin today during my break from work (I had to come home as Nat had to go and have a medical for work.)

I found this mini tin to be quite a challenge at first as I didn't want my finished product to look boring so I started on the mini book inside (which I changed my mind about a few times...) I love the rough paint look on the tin and of course, all the ribbons on the keyring...

I have been feeling really lost at work at the moment. I have just gone back 2 days a week from almost never working to regular days. I am doing way more than before and the extra pressure at times is toooooo much. Today I said to my dad (my boss) that I was going home as I couldn't do anymore since I was waiting on this, that and everything else and he goes "I am glad we* achieved a lot today. It has taken a load of my mind!"
That is about as good as one is going to get a compliment off my father, so I can home feeling pretty good and not nearly as stressed... It is amazing how a few words can lighten the load.

(* Gotta love the royal WE!)

I'll end this on that positve note!

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