Friday, February 10, 2006

More layouts for Ali's challenge

My last 5 layouts from Ali's challenge... And I think I have worked out how to put the pics in the right spot... About time I think! LOL, I am hoping it works now I have written that!

You three: It was the first photo session we had taking photos of the three kids together (and any others haven't gone as well since). It wasn't a planned photo and I love how the kids clothes aren't clashing too much.

Think of stretch marks as...: I love the quote on this layout and it is the only reason I scrapped these photos... Otherwise they would have never made it into my album. Whilst they are not the best photos to look at, it document another part of pregnancy not always mentioned.

Teary Eyed: Nikki was crying for some reason or another (as a 6 month old does) and Nat managed to capture a single tear on her check... I love that it captures her not always as a happy little lass as she is MOST of the time...

Peek a boob: I love this as it is one of the first photos taken when my daughter was born. Straight onto the boob she was.

Pretty in pink: Not your typical layout of a boy found in an album. Nikki was trying on her new bathers and Josh wanted to join in.

Off to take Josh to a specialist re a sty in his eye. Damm kid keeps costing us money.... Earm throat and nose speicalist a couple of weeks ago, tonsils removed in a few weeks.... I know it will never end and if it is not this, it will be something else!




Anonymous said...

Hi Ros,
Love your preggy belly shot!! I just left a comment on Wills blog about belly photos too.
Jen's LO is gorgeous too, how cute is Drew! Such a happy little guy.
BTW everyone is oohing and ahhing over your DT portfolio.
Have a good day :D

Fiona said...

Woohoo - got the photos and text thingy worked out - well done you!

Love all your LOs.


Ruth clarke said...

Hi Ros nice to put a name to your face. Love your LO's too!