Saturday, February 11, 2006

Catching up with mates

Last night I had dinner with a group of girls from high school. It was a great night with another potentially planned for April (can't wait!) We had some fab. food (thanks Jude for cooking and hosting) and many good laughs and a lot of reminising. We did take some photos but there is not one photo of everyone together (as the was no place to set the camera and use the timer) but if I am not the only one in the pic I can deal with that!

I have uploaded a pic of everyone (but me)... L - R is: Carmen, Nicole, Jess (otherwise known as Jude), Robyn, Kelly, Kylie.

Kylie, I can't remember if I am dreaming here or not and imaging you saying that you have no pics of you and Jesse. If not, here are some. If you do, well here are some more! LOL!

Bye all, I am quite tired as I got home at 1am this morning and the kids NEVER sleep in!


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