Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Broadband modem

We received our broadband modem yesterday and then today when we tried to connect everything up, it worked but wouldn't recongise our account until end of business tomorrow... How crappy, why send me the modem 2 days earlier if I can't use it. Do they want to tease me or what?

Okay, enough of whinging about that at least I will be free from dial up soon... I had my first full day back at work today since Drew was born. I am working 2 days a week doing accounts in a timber yard (I have worked there since 2001) but am doing way more now than ever before... I had a very busy day filled with so many problems and I was glad to arrive home (not to cook dinner though.... Damm you Nat!) I am quite tired and have tomorrow off to be back there on Friday (with Drew.) It is my dad's business so it isn't a problem to take Drew (Josh and Nikki are in childcare) but when Nat is home and not working, he can have Drew. So much easier to get things done then!

My latest of Nikki... Photos from when she was 7 months old... A long time ago now... I did a layout of Josh too but the photos of it were crap, so I'll take another one tomorrow.

Best be off, I have a really yummy fudgey chocolate cake (low fat of course!) to make for mum's group tomorrow.


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Kerri said...

I'm really glad things are going well or you. Your scrap book pics look awesome!