Monday, March 20, 2006

Damm blogger being done... Won't upload pics

A quick summary of my weekend and today...
We went out for dinner on Saturday night for my friend's birthday (blogger is being dumb so I will have to upload pics later) and it was different. We went to a Thai restaurant in Brunswick Street and were seated on the floor on cushions. (Not good for my hips and pelvis, I am still in pain from sitting on the floor for so long). I ordered chicken and cashew which had chilli's in it and I don't do hot food so that was the end of my meal and Nat ordered some chilli thing and it had no chilli in it at all! He wasn't the only one to experience lack of chilli in a chilli based meal.... It was good to catch up with friends again but we left early and didn't go for drinks afterwards as we got a lift into town with Nat's dad and a friend gave us a lift home (beats a taxi from Brunswick Street!)

On Sunday I went to Chadstone for a Scrapboxx meet (thanks Sarah for driving me and the other girls) and meet up with Nic Finno (Nicole Finlayson), Squiggle (Jane), Sassyone (Sarah), Scrappa (Kim), Brooke and Subbies (Tam), Zina Wright, Charmane and Lou Spiden.
It was great to meet all the girls and they only one I knew was Sarah...
(Photo to be uploaded later)

Today Nat went to the Commonwealth Games to see shooting and I was stuck home with the kids after a terrible night with Nikki. Neither Nat or I hardley got any sleep so I am hoping tonight will be better. I want to scrap, but am quite tired and Desperate Housewifes is on as well as Commonder (sp.) in Chief.

Not a lot really from me other than I wasn't home much this weekend and am working tomorrow so it doesn't look like any scrapping will be happening then either. At least I know I will get some scrapping done on Wedensday I am doing Kim Archer's online class.

Cheers till I am back to upload photos...

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Sarah said...

You are most welcome!!!!! I didnt mind driving at all, It was nice to have adult conversation in my car. Thanks so much for the card. I got home tonight and it was in my mail box. I love it and you didnt have to do that. It was so nice to have a day out with adults and not have to worry about kids.. Hopefully you had a better night with the kids last night?????