Friday, March 17, 2006


I have got some more photos of the kids to share... It is amazing, I have 3 photos of each of the kids I am happy with taken in the last week. This never happens... It is about as rare as getting a decent shot of the 3 of them all together... Or a family shot....
I love my little "bucket boy" shot. I have no idea what is Josh's fascination with buckets at the moment but he is driving my crazy everytime he goes in the laundry... He takes all the washing out of the buckets and jumps into one of them....
Nikki was wearing a top my mum got for her the first time this morning and looked so cute that Nat delayed putting her into the car (to go to childcare) to take photos of Miss Nikki.... (How well trained is he getting?)
The one of Drew was taken this morning after we got such good ones of Nat and Nikki... The other kids were at childcare and Drew was quite happy (as per usual). I hate the fact that Nat has his legs up on the wall behind Drew and you can see them in the photo (totally ruins it!) I tried getting rid of them but it looks like I am hiding something (like legs) on the photos... I can't get the colours right. Anyone have any ideas?
After I took these photos of Drew and Nat we started taking a few of Drew and I. Of course he decided to bring up his milk from an earlier feed all over his clothes... (Yuck!) At least he had the good grace to not dirty me just before I was going to work. (Must be getting him quite well trained as well... LOL!)

Hoping to get scrapping soon once naughty DS#1 goes to sleep... He keeps on getting out of bed saying "I go toilet."
It is not like I can really say no is it if we are toilet training! I was working on 2 layouts last night but they weren't working for me... Nat was on nightshift and I just needed someone to bounce ideas off... Hopefully tonight will be more productive, although Nat is at work again tonight too.


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