Thursday, March 16, 2006

I want to scrap!

I so want to scrap but do you think I can find the time? It took me all afternoon yesterday to print out 3 pages of photos! In amongst cooking dinner and blog surfing of course!

Nat and I had a great morning kid free (all 3 kids were in care, Drew until 2pm) so I went grocery shopping before breakfast, then we went into Frankston and I had a me shopping time. I got 2 new bras and ordered a new pair of shoes (so yummy). We got Josh and Nikki a winter outfit each too and then went scrap shopping (only briefly as Nat get's bored!) and had lunch at Davey's.

It was so great having some time away from the kids and feeling like a couple again and not lugging all the kids stuff around too. I love our kids to bits but it was definetly great for some "us" time without kids interuppting.

I watched a little of the opening ceremony last night, (wow) but fell asleep as the teams where marching in (not because it was boring but I was soooo tired...) I woke up later to the kids and couldn't go back to sleep for ages!

Josh is improving on the toilet training front, yesterday at child care, he didn't have any "opps" at all... This morning he came and got me after I feed Drew his bottle to show me he did a pooh in the toilet and then ran down to the other toilet (we were in the ensuite) and sat down to do some more pooh. He gets up (off the toilet) and said "I did more pooh!"
I checked and there wasn't anymore pooh and I told him that and he said "I get some more!"
LOL, kids say the funniest things sometimes.



Kerri said...

I'm just asking cause I'm on the other side of the world; openning ceremony for what? The pics of Drew are both beautiful.

Ros said...


The Commonwealth Games that are on in Melbourne. They opened last night and last for a week and a half (I think).