Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So tired...

I had work today and what a busy day... I was ready to chuck in my job too as my dad was being a pain in the ass! (I work for my family in a timber yard) and it has its benefits and disadvantages... I had a really busy day and then came home and cooked dinner. Nat offered to start it but has no idea how I start the roast chicken and it will be too confusing for him to make sense of what I said over the phone.

The kids (Josh and Nikki) were really ratty when I got home and after politely telling to leave mummy alone, do you think the older two would listen? Hell no! That would be too much like listening to mummy. Instead Josh was saying to me, "You cranky, mummy!"
All you can do is laugh when kids do something like that.

I have uploaded some new pics of my little bubbie Drewie. How cute does he look.... Ahhh my little bubbie. All my bubbies are good tonight, all asleep including Josh who went to bed no problems and didn't get out of bed once.

On the toilet training front, yesterday Josh was awesome. One accident (I think, can't really remember) and even a pooh on the toilet. Today, not so... He only got one sticker which meant he went on the toilet once. Yesterday I had him in a nappy as he didn't want to put his "big boy jocks on" and it seemed to work better. Today (I was at work) and he was in training pants/jocks and weed all over the place... Hopefully tomorrow will be better at childcare. If not, I will put him in the nappy again and try that and see if it still works well.

All from me now. Off to create with my new BG my SIL sent over from the Scrapboxx retreat.


Wendy Treseder said...

Hey Ros,
The photos of Drew are stunning! What sort of camera do you use? The light and clarity is gorgeous - of course Drew is pretty cute too, so that helps.

PS I keep forgetting to ask, did you get your paint tin at Bristol?

Ros said...

Our camera is a Canon Rebel 350D... I love it so much. Well worth the money!

I got the paint tin from Paint Spot on Frankston Dandy Road, Carrum Downs. Don't try Bunnings as they look you saying "you want a what?"


Anonymous said...

Oh Drew is SOOOO CUTE! Totally upselling that "Have a Boy" deal!

I'm SO JEALOUS of your Canon Rebel! I think I'm going have to get one with the baby bonus money! I hate our digi cam now! Does it still have the 3 second lag most Digi cams do??

Willisa Hogarth said...

Ahhh Sorry, that would be me leaving that comment! Opps!

Ros said...


Hell no as to the lag... I love it!


sarahkatemulder@gmail.com said...

Your little bubba is growing up so fast. Those photos are amazing.... What a little spunkalicious....LOL

I am glad to hear the toilet training is going well. Harry is back in nappies just not ready. he got a fright when he poohed twice in the shower..LOL
The guys at the paint spot are great. They know me now and their tins are the cheapest around...

I hope you day is better...