Sunday, March 12, 2006

DT stuff

I went down to Paper Doll on Friday night to drop off my DT stuff for this month and I told Nat "I won't be long!" 3 hours later I was on my way home... I did a little shopping and then I sat there chatting most of the time. It was a crop night and wasn't as full as usual due to the long weekend. Nat couldn't believe I was there for 3 hours doing 'nothing' but I told him I felt so comfortable there chatting and it was like I was chatting with friends, I had known for ages. LOL, he calmed down after that....

Nat and I don't have many friends that have children which makes things difficult, especially since we have 3! Many friends (or even family who are your friends too) are snobbish and don't think to invite you because you have kids... Haven't they even heard of a baby sitter? In saying that, many other friends are fine with us having kids and it hasn't changed our relationships with them at all... It is strange how some people are so affected by us moving onto another stange in our lives. I guess this paragraph seems like it has come out of nowhere. It has but it hasn't. Nat was pleased that I was enjoying myself on Fridat night at Paper Doll, making new friends. It seems too that most people in the scrapping community have children too so that are great people to hit up for advice on tricky situations...

Enough of all that.... I am posting this morning because I want to put my DT stuff on my blog and it gives me a little escape from the kids... LOL.... Nat is on nightshift so it makes the stinking hot days (36 degrees today) very long! I have been meaning to update my blog for a couple of nights but then I am getting sucked in surfing online or like last night I was on the phone to my SIL for hours...

For the DT I had to use a die cut (which is the bloom where you are planted thing on the front of the paint can), use some Making Memories die (the spots on the baby girl card), use a scrapworks concho (centre of the happy birthday card) and decorate a Heidi Swapp large chipboard letter. The chipboard letter was my favourite one to do (although I did love tying the ribbon onto the paint tin handle...) and I am planning on using it when I got to CKU in Boston in August as my name tag.

I had a card thing happening for my DT work... I just wasn't feeling layout inspired. I have 2 half started layouts sitting on the pool table (don't let Nat catch me saying on my scrapping table!!!) and am not working on a card/present for my friend's birthday party next weekend. Not finished yet but I will post it after I have given it to her in case she is reading this... Don't want to spoil the suprise!

On the toilet training front we are going very slowly. At childcare on Friday he did 3 wees on the toilet (yay) but isn't that good at home. He just did a poo and of course for like the 10th time this morning he was naked. He only had a singlet and jocks on but keeps on taking the jocks off. I haven't even bothered with putting the singlet back on yet.

If Josh hasn't had much improvement toilet training by next weekend, I am thinking that I will stop and try again later. I can tell you though in the week we have been trying I have noticed that I am not going through as many nappies... He is due to have another operation early April (damm kid is costing me a fortune with specialists and anethisitis (sp.) etc.) He is having the infected stys reoved from his lower eyelid. Only day surgery this time but it will be his second operation in just over one month.

Enough of my rabbiting on. I should get off this computer and go and do some housework (yuck....) at least I was a good girl and did all the dishes and unstacked the dishwasher before coming online... LOL...



Katie Toland said...

Hi Ros, I just jumped to your blog from Scrapboxx. Love your DT stuff. I haven't been to paperdoll for so long, I really need to pop in there again soon. Anyway just wanted to say hi!


Will Hogarth said...

Ros! We loved having you pop in to crop night!!! It was lots of fun!

I'm so loving all the ribbons on your paint tin, although you are possibly completely insane for Enjoying tying them all on there!

I can totally relate to you on the Kids vs Friends thing. We're either the only ones with a baby (and a half) in circle of friends, or we can never seem to get a babysitter the same time as our friends with kids! So frustrating! But I have to say that is so the highlight of the shop! Instant friends with so much in common!!

You'll have to organise the kids and come to crop night to scrapbook really soon!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ros,
I loved having a chance to catch up with you at Crop night. It was so strange to have such a quiet night, but sometimes that is better because I get to have proper conversations with people and really get to know them. I love the scrapping community, everyone is so generous about sharing their lives.
Your DT projects are GORGEOUS! The tin is so pretty and your cards are just so cool! I'm so glad you dropped them in on Friday night, so we could have a good natter. (Can you believe you were shopping at Scrapbook Magic at the same time I was working there? - I only worked a couple of days a week and never on the weekends, so that's probably why we never met.)
It's tough being the first among your friends to have kids, but don't worry they will catch up with you one day.
I was the only one of my friends to scrapbook until I started the shop. Even now a lot of them don't understand my passion. (Of course I've met and made some fantastic scrapbooking friends since I've opened the shop too!)
W :D