Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Layouts and early wake up call!

Josh decided to wake up nice and early this morning... 4.45am to be exact. It was when the alarm went off for Nat to get up for work and do you think he would go back to sleep? No way... Of course not, that would be asking wayyyy too much... So obviously I am a little tired today. It's a good thing it was a child care day or else I would be a little snappy at the kids...

I got to have some me time today and did a Kim Archer class. Yay... It was a funky foam stamping class. I am also doing another one of her classes next week too... More yay for me. Below is my finished layout...

I don't like the way the letter "t" is on things but then isn't there usually something you don't like about every layout? Well for me, I always manage to find just something I am not happy with...

This is only a quick post as I have to rush and pick up the kids from childcare if I don't get moving soon. Dinner is cooked at least (it has to be as Josh and Nikki are so grumpy when they get home from child care they have to eat and be bathed straight away.)

Here is another layout I also finished today of Miss Nikki. I have had the paper weaving done for ages but didn't have the right photo to use (weird since I have loads of photos to scrap!)

Also here is my BG color me silly layout of Josh reading... Or weading as he calls it (well he did in September 2005, when the photo was taken.) SM rejected it but then again, what is new there!


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Kim said...

Love the Lo's Ros.
Wasn't Kim Archer's class today fantastic. I really wish I had booked into the other class now:( Oh well I will have to stalk her blog until she announces the next lot.
Cya, Kim.