Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Down and out... - long post

Yesterday Josh was due to have his eye operated one (which he did) but not without millions of other dramas during the day. He is now fine and at childcare with a mildly red eye (and no eye patch as the bugger won’t leave it on!)

Yesterday I woke up at 3am with back pain, thinking I had slept funny. I added another pillow to the bed and went back to sleep until the alarm went off at 6am (to make Josh breaky before having to fast for his op.) I could hardly move and was having trouble breathing so I thought a shower would help with all the pain etc. No such luck. I had a shower and tried to take some Ventolin but even that would help as I couldn’t breath in hard enough to take it.

I decided to call my MIL for a massage (as she is a massage therapist) so off I went there after dropping the kids at my mum’s house (she was going to mind the younger 2 while I took Josh off for his day surgery.) I couldn’t even lay down on the massage table as I was hardly breathing at all when I laid down. My MIL thought I had broken or cracked a rib so it was off to the local doctors. I picked up Josh from my mum’s and called Nat to meet me at the doctors (he was at home sleeping due to having to work night shift). At the doctor’s my breathing was getting worse and worse and I was nearly going to have to have oxygen but got in to see the doctor who gave me a shot of pethidine. Ahhhh that was bliss and made it so much easier to breathe and I was almost pain free. I had to go to Frankston hospital as she thought I might have a blood clot. After sitting at Frankston Hospital (on their very uncomfortable emergency department beds) with a shot of morphine after a while things we starting to feel a little better (breathing wise) only pain wise was getting worse. I had a chest x-ray and blood tests which all came up clear. The doctor gave me 2 lots of antibiotics and panadine forte and said you can go home and we think you are either getting pleurisy or pneumonia. Take it easy and you will get worse before you’ll get better…

I came home to a house full of people (as all my siblings and mum and her partner and my grandmother) we over to celebrate my SILs and sisters birthdays. (I wasn’t very good company and went and rested in bed.) My kids were playing up when I was at the hospital both Nikki and Drew are teething and Josh was acting up since he didn’t get to have a lot of “Nanna” time (since he had to come with me to the doc’s and for his op.) and mum was cooking dinner for like 10 people. She was glad when we got home as at least it was “the parents! and Nat was going to be far more helpful than everyone else here. My sister was packing her stuff to move out, my grandmother is too old to chase after the kids too much, I have no idea what mum’s partner was doing and my brother and SIL didn’t turn up until after we got home (so much for them arriving at 6pm!)

Anyway, that is enough from me, aside from resting as required, I have class samples and note to prepare for my class at PDSB next week. Since I can’t do everything I won’t hardly get any cards done for the card submission due next Wednesday… Something has to give and I think my health is far more important!

Sorry this is such a long post and I hope you are not totally bored now!


leeanne O'Connor said...

My god Ros u certainly sound like in your in a bad way. Its so frightening not being able to catch your breathe. I hope U R resting and looking after yourself or at least someone or somebodies are helping you out. I don't suppose I'll c u at the DT meeting tonight at PDSB so look after yourself and I hope your feeling much better real soon.
By the way I was also wanting to let u know how gorgeous your mini book on motherhood I love the hand stitching of some of the pages. Your work is always so beautifully finished just luv luv it all.


Cindy said...

OH NO...gosh, I hope you are ok, poor thing !

Take care of yourself.

Will said...

Well at the very least, at least Joshy's op sounded like it went well! Pity about the eye patch, could we not have got a Captain fFathersword Outfit for him to wear afterwards??

Rest up and take it easy!!



Sarah said...

What a huge ordeal for you. I hope you are feeling a bit better. Make sure you rest up. It has been a hard 6 6months for you, and you know what, sometimes we just have to stop and breathe and say no i need a break. Make sure you Rest otherwise it is going to take you so much longer to recover.
OK chat soon and take care you...