Friday, April 07, 2006


First, I want to thank everyone for all the good vibes and wishes. I was back at the doctors today for another check up and I now know I don't have pneumonia. I saw a different doctor this time as I couldn't get back into see the same one and she thought I might have gall stones. $184, an ultrasound and an hour waiting for the report I was back at the doctors again to be told, "No, you don't have gallstones!"

I checked out pleurisy on the net and I swear it seems like what I have but the doctor thinks I have a muscular skeletor thingie. I have been told to stop taking my antibiotics (good thing since they were making me vomit) and see how I go and use Panadine Forte for the pain and Nurofen or Voltarin to reduce the swelling.

I spent all morning in bed, and it feels like the rest of the afternoon at the doctor's etc and am quite tired now. I'll end this here and update you more on my dramas with Josh at childcare tomorrow.



Will said...

Gall Stones??? My god where do they come up with this stuff! I had gall stones, and I certainly didn't have any trouble breathing!

*shakes head*

Meanwhile I'm disturbingly excited about hearing about Joshy at Creche!

Kim said...

I am typing this 2 days after your post so I hope you are feeling better today Ros :) I hate being sick and still having to do all the 'Mum' things. Take it easy and I hope you are back to normal REAL soon.