Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Okay, so no post for a while... Well, I have been feeling crappy, still not 100%, (as I type this...) but getting on with life still. Back at work yesterday, considering quitting as the stress is driving me insane and thinking of trying to make more money out of craft.... *Hmmm, need to think this through some more and plant the money tree in the backyard first* I'd love to make some more money out of submitting and teaching but only time will tell.

I had childcare ring me on Tuesday last week (whilst I was on the way to the doctors) saying that with our permission, they would like to get Josh assessed. His behaviour more than anything... Rhonda (childcare director) said she had been having problems with Josh for sometime (first major time we had heard about it) and thought someone outside of the centre could offer some different solutions to Josh when he is misbehaving as distraction and other techniques aren't working.

This was not what I needed when I was struggling to breathe but anyhow. On Wednesday Josh was rotten at childcare but I think the anesetic (sp.) was screwing up his system and since he hadn't eaten from 7am to 4.30pm on Tuesday (and the first thing Nat gave him was Mc Donalds....) he was all out of whack. Josh slept for 4.5 hours during the day on Thursday and was much better at childcare on Friday. Since Wednesday's performance at childcare (didn't like getting a note in his communication book saying see Rhonda or Annie (room leader) before leaving... and then me getting the phone call at home about rotten behaviour as Nat picked up the kids) we have been cutting out or reducing sugar out of Josh's diet.
It is a bit of a process of elimination at the moment, but he stole a homemade biscuit out of the pantry the other morning before breakfast and was hyper after eating it until he had milk later on, he finally settled down. Another time when he had jam on his toast, he had a similar reaction. I have found that by not allowing him snacks others than fruit, cheese and dry biccies etc. he is much better. I think I need to get him tested for hypoglocemia though. At least then I would know if it is that, or if he has a problem with things with added sugar...

Teaching my first class tonight at Paper Doll, getting excited and have nearly finished putting my kits together (just waiting on some stock to come in this morning, then all done.) Have to work first today before the class so I am hoping that will fly by.

Gotta go and go to work to do pays etc, before all the major interruptions start happening.



Cindy said...

Good luck with your class, and I hope you work out what's making Josh hyper. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling 100%

Sarah said...

I hope you class when well Ros. Hope your are feeling a bit better. Chin Up!!! I hope you can work out what is going on with Josh.