Friday, April 14, 2006

Sooo tired....

I really need to go to bed early especially when Nat is working night shift... LOL, do I ever? Hell no. I was working on some DT stuff last night and got sucked in and before I knew it, it was nearly 11pm. Not a real good night with the kids, but not a horrible one either. Drew is not well, he is only drinking half his bottle (at each feed and having about 6 hours between each feed), not eating solids and has diarrhoea. Yuck!
Nikki isn't 100% either. She was awake at 6am (due to Josh going in and playing in her room) and was back in bed by 7.30am. She hasn't eaten breakfast and at nearly 9.30am is still asleep... Something is not right there but only time will tell. It seems as if it is the begining of the season of "sickness"... Quite a few people aren't well.

My class went well at Paper Doll... LOL, it was pretty easy since I knew everyone there, 2 people I am on the design team with and my MIL... I have uploaded the pics of the mini book, (full of motherhood quotes) but of course I didn't take the pictures before I stuck them into the mini book. LOL, that would be too organised!

The quotes used in the mini book are as below. This is to be my mother's day present for my mum... I've used photos of mum and I (some with my siblings) over the years... My orginal intention was the do a mini book with grandmother quotes, I discovered that I don't have any any photos of mum and Drew (must fix that!) and the quotes seemed to be too old... Does that make sense? Most of the grandmother quotes implied like white hair etc.... LOL, the quotes are more appropriate for my grandmother not my kids grandmother!

Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.

Of course I can do anything, I’m a mother.

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

A mother’s love perceives no impossibilities.

There is nothing wrong with the world that a sensible woman could not settle in an afternoon.

Being a mother means that your heart is no longer yours; it wanders wherever your children do.

Be kind to the woman for they make up half the population… and are the mothers of the other half.

Youth fades; love drops; the leaves of friendship fall: A mother’s secret love outlives them all.

In mothering, if you do it right, you work yourself out of a job.

I best be off. The kids are running a muck and it has taken me forever to write this post with all the stoping and starting etc. and uploading all the pics (I should have resized them all first!)

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Easter and enjoy the break... I have work to do... Damm stocktake. Light at the end of the tunnel I guess, on Friday Nat and I are leaving for a mini break on the Gold Coast (with no kids!) Our 2nd holiday ever without children... LOL, the first one was before we even had kids....


P.S. On the final page of the mini book it says

"This book is to celebrate motherhood...

Happy Mother's Day Chook!

Love always,

And yes, I do call my mum 'chook' it is something I started years ago and has stuck... Nat calls her Nanna Anna chook... LOL, and you know the only person who "hates" the name chook, is my dad... The funniest thing is my parents are divorced.... When he gets annoyed about it, I ask if I should be calling him the "old cock" and it soon sorts him out and shuts him up! LOL!!!


Cindy said...

Sorry to hear that the littl'uns are sick Ros :(

Glad that your class went well -- your album is lovely.

Sarah said...

I hope the kidlets are better Ros. When i start scrappin at night i cant stop either and it usually ends up being at 1.30am night. Drives me crazy.....
I love your book and i am gllad your class went well...