Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter pics & SM...

A post with some easter pics and photos of the kiddies I took on Sunday. Some of them with their cousin too and my SIL... Terrible group shot but the only one there is of all of them.

My little easter bunny. At least one child wasn't hyper on chocolate!

Look at the concentration on his face! Like a 2 year is hardly ever that still... Of course it had something to do with the chocolate!

I love these natural looking (smiling) photos of Kris and Callum ( Nat's sister and nephew.) Callum usually has a very cheesey grin and rabbit ears behind someone's head or something like that... As a 7 year old boy would (and sometimes even older!)

My baby is 6 months old today. I didn't realise until my sister mentioned it but with cooking dinner and dealing with the kids alone (Nat was at work today) I didn't get a chance to take any photos of Drewie like I did for Josh and Nikki when thye were 6 months. Mum took heaps of the kids she said when she watched them today while I was at work so I am hoping there will be some good ones of Drew. I am planning on taking some photos tomorrow after childcare when I am finally home from work... Damm BAS, need to do it early because of my holiday. Yuck!

My issue of SM came today (with my Nikki layout in it, yay!) and I also got CK April and my Cards mag from the US. I was really disappointed with the colours in the mag of my Nikki layout. It looks a little more like this! Well, I would post it but blogger isn't playing nice anymore.

Off to create a birthday present for my mum's MIL who turns 80 next week... Nothing like late notice, thanks mum!


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Sarah said...

AWWWWW very cute photos Ros. Drew is growing up so quickly. Wow he is like Nicki. Loved your layout in SM by the way.