Thursday, April 20, 2006


Off to the Gold Coast tomorrow (can't wait) without the kids! How spoilt will I be? I will be able to have a whole uninterrupted nights sleep in over 3 years! Woo hoo... I will miss my little ones, but I seriously need a break!

Since blogger is playing nice today, I can show you what the colours of my layout of Nikki in SM really look like!
My little happy girl. I did this layout as part of the Tsnaumi workshop on ASC. It was a class Kim Archer did and I gave her credit in my layout etc. but SM decided not to print that. Why is that?

I dropped of my latest DT stuff the other day and do you think I took photos of all of it... I only got a photo of the layout I did using some American Crafts paper (so if you are reading this Wendy, can you please take photos of my cards and e-mail them to me?) The layout is of Nikki (again) and the words she could say at 16 months. (I like the fact that it doesn't have any photos on it, and is my second at doing this! Quite a challenge actually.) I did one of Josh at the same age and was determined to do one for Nikki aswell to see if they had many words in common etc. I will do one for Drewie when the time comes around... Still got ages to go (at the moment!)

My New's Year's resolution (one of them) was to scrap a layout a week. Lately, I am not doing so good. Maybe I will catch up but I have been doing mini books, class kits, cards etc... LOL, holidays don't help either they just give me more photos to scrap!

Cheers all and I will be back mid next week with lots of photos I hope!



Sarah said...

Have a great time Ros, you deserve. 3 years of sleepless night is so hard hey!!!! Enjoy every minute.........


Kerri said...

Have a great holiday Ros. Your babies are just gorgeous. ttul