Friday, April 21, 2006

Can't sleep...

I can't sleep, there is too many things running around my head to do after the kids are dropped off at childcare later this morning. The kids woke me up for milk (Josh's crying woke Nikki up) and now I am the only one still up! I figured I may as well get up and do a couple of things that are quite if I can't sleep anyway. I needed to come online to get my stores list that I want to try and visit whilst away.

My mum needed me to make a mini album for her MIL for her 80th birthday next week. She is going to London for her birthday so I had to get this done before we left. No stress whilst doing it, yay! Very simple and not my usual style but then Betty (mum's MIL) is so not a scrapbooker so it had to be what I call my "boring" style. (I would upload pics, but blogger isn't playing nice.... damm you)

All from me for now and hopefully I can go to bed and get some more sleep now I have managed to get a couple of things done.


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Wendy T said...

Hey Ros,
Hope you got some sleep on the weekend!
I just read your last post. I'll take photos of your cards and send them to you tomorrow.
Hmmmm....I know a mothers day album that would have made a nice present (wink).