Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Home again...

Just a quick post before bed. I haven't had a read chance to look through the photos on the camera properly yet but here is one of us five before the kids went to childcare on Friday. Didn't have time to set the camera up properly so it was one of those hold and shoot kind of photos.

So many things to do but had to clear the backlog of e-mails etc. before it was going to drive me crazy! We had a great time on the Gold Coast, missed the kids but enjoyed having an adult holiday too. We kept saying things that the kids would say just so we felt like we weren't missing them as much.

More tomorrow with pics from the trip.

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Sarah said...

Glad you had a wondeful trip. I hope you also caught up on some sleep and got in a bit of scrap retail therapy. Cant' wait to see some piccys and i love the one of the 5 of you. Classic.