Saturday, April 29, 2006

Holiday pics

Finally a post about our trip to the Gold Coast... I have been so busy since we came back. I said to my mum, I need a holiday at home without the kids to get everthing done!

1. One of the many rides Nat went on at Movieworld and Dreamworld. I went on a couple, but after the tower of terror, Nat said I looked "white" and sounded it too, so I kept my rides to gentler ones after that.

2. A tiger climbing up a tree at Dreamworld. So many photos of the tiger demonstrations.

3. Me and "Austin Powers" at Movieworld. One of the few characters we saw that we could get close enough for photos with. We went on the Monday and it was jammed packed compared to Dreamworld on the Sunday. Hardley any waiting in line for rides etc.

4. View from Q1 observation deck, level 77! It is the highest residential tower in the world.

5. View from our room at Q1 on level 22 at night time.

6. Nat and I up on the Q1 observation deck. This lady kindly offered to take our photo so we happily posed!

7. Nat on the vomitron just before the ride started. The ride doesn't live up to it's name thank goodness!

Just a quick peak at some photos from the trip. We arrived up at the Gold Coast on the Friday and as soon as we got to our hotel, it was pelting down with rain and hail (great start) but that was the only rain that we had whilst there. Did some grocery shopping for dinner and brekkie etc. and relaxed for the rest of the night (I was in bed at 8pm because I woke up at 2am Friday morning and hadn't slept since!)

Saturday was my sister's bf's 21st birthday so we hired a car, took the boys to a shooting joint, I went to a scrapbook store and took my sister shopping. Well, that was the plan. The boys had finished shooting by the time we were looking for a car park at the shopping centre so we went and picked them up and back to the shops. For 2 boys who didn't want to go shopping, the certainly did a great job of spending money on clothes and shoes for themselves! Dee and I didn't buy anything. We went to Hard Rock for dinner (Melbourne is so much better!) and then to the casino for a little flutter! (Nat won 47-1 on the big wheel, woo hoo and I was doing great at roulette until he started losing my money!)

Sunday we went to Dreamworld. Tried to have a look at the big brother house but we couldn't get near it. Nor buy tickets for the show, (the ticket booth wasn't even open at any time!)

Monday was at Movieworld (2 theme parks in 2 days was so tiring but they were closed for most of Tuesday) so we had no other choice.

Tuesday was spent vegging due to the public holiday and charging a 15% public holiday surcharge on food and drinks! Nat and I did go up to the observation deck that night though. $35 for 2 drinks, one cocktail and one spirit on the rocks!

Wednesday check out of the hotel and kill time before our flight home. Nat I did a fair bit of walking and this was when he went on the vomitron. Flew home, peak hour traffic to drive in, get to my mum's and all the kids had huge big smiles for us when we arrived!

My trip in a nutshell. I loved having a break without the kids and we have decided to take them up there when Drew is 120cm tall... Odd time it probably seems, but that is the minium height restriction for most "older" rides so this way, no one misses out unless they don't want a ride.

So much house duties to attend to. Ready need to make a mother's day present for MIL, and a whole bunch of cards.


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Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a ball, you lucky thing Ros. Love your photos. Is everything back to normal yet?????? We will have to catch up soon..