Sunday, April 30, 2006

Frame class

Had a class today at Paper Doll, it was great but of course I changed my mind once doing my frame and didn't have all the right supplies with me because they were at home... I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to but then I don't mind too much. I will take a photo of it when it is a little more complete but it won't be completly finished for a long time as it is for my brother. It will be his wedding present, (he isn't getting married until late November!)

Just me and the kids at home tonight, Nat is doing 6 hours o/t at work... At least he is only doing the first 6 hours (Nat's work does 2, 12 hour shifts) and he is doing the first half of night shift (6pm - midnight).

Haven't done too much this weekend. Highly strung so not dealing with the kids very well. Quite snappy at them at times, must try to keep that in check (note to self!). Struggling to figure out what to cook etc. for dinner lately with not being grocery shopping for ages (like the week before we went away) so it is probably on the must do list for tomorrow.

Anyway, off to do some painting whilst the kids are in bed. So hard to paint scrapping stuff with Josh around as he wants to do "painting" too and I prefer him to paint outside (not really the weather for it!)

Bye all,


Sarah said...

Ohh Ros,
Sounds like fun and games for you to chicky. Hey i have been horrible to my kids all week as well. i think it is the moon.. LOL. Cant wait to see your frame. sounds fun. Take care

Kerri said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time on your holiday :) I'm going to call this week & catch up. when works for you?
Take care

Deb Ross said...

Ros, you will have to finish the frame and let me see it as I have seen all the other finished ones from my class. I hope that you enjoyed the class.
Deb Ross