Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Frilly Dilly bag

Check out my frilly dilly bag. How cool is it? Janelle Wind made if for me and I love it. Janelle took these photos before she sent it to me and I can't wait to start using it. (Haven't been out of the house yet since I got it)

How cute are the ruffles on it? I love it so much, can't you tell?

Not much on the scrapping front. Had a DT meeting last night and have been trying to work on one of my layouts today. I have so many other ideas in my head that are crying out to bed done first though... Doesn't fit in well with the deadlines though.

Why is it, that good ideas always seem to come to you (well me) when you are in the shower or just about to go to sleep? That is what happened to me the other night. Despite the freezing cold night I got up and grabbed my notebook out of my handbag and jotted down the ideas before they were forgotten.

All is quite (almost, Drew is still awake) in our house this evening. Good thing as Nat is at work on nightshift and since I came home from my holiday in QLD I have been struggling to cope with the kids. I am so moody and grumpy and snap at them (the kids, especially Josh) over things I would normally talk to them calmly about. I don't know what is wrong with me but am thinking about making an appointment to see my local GP about it.

About 10 minutes after Nat left for work I started bawling and couldn't stop. That is so not like me and I am hoping when Nat rings back he will say he will be home with me and the kids tomorrow night (supposed to work 6pm - 6am Thursday morning.) I am a little afraid of what I might do if I "snap" and since the kids have childcare tomorrow they will not be angels when they come home as they are so tired.

Sorry for a huge blab that started positive but then soon turned itself around...



Sarah said...

Hey Ros!!!!!!

If you need me at all please call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want me to come to the Doc's let me know. I am not working for the next two days. Even if you want a chat let me know!!! I am serious........


Kim said...

Hiya Ros,
Love the 'frilly dilly bag', it's gorgeous.
Hope today was a better day for you. Kids can be buggers, they like to push those buttons at the worst of times.
Cya Kim.