Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kim's class etc...

Well, I finally got to take some photos of my layout from Kim's class (they didn't come up as well as I would have liked but...)

The layout features photos taken at Christmas at my Oma's (grandmother's). In the photo is everyone in our immediate family at the moment (on my mum's side anyway). I need to get everyone to sign in on their tags but since they will all be here for dinner on Tuesday night (for my sister and SIL's birthdays) I'll get it all done then (hopefully).

With the coldness of today (I don't do cold very well at all... Freezing feet right now and I have super thick socks on) I haven't done too much. Will (Willisa Hogarth) came over this morning and lent me some MM heart stamps (thanks Will), I did some domestic duties early this morning (damm daylight savings meant I was up sooo early with the kids), cooked dinner as Nat is working nightshift tonight and worked on some stocktake figures for work... I now think it is time for me, only problem is Josh has just woken up form his nap and Nikki probably isn't too far waking up from her's. I can be hopeful and plead (LOL) with Nat to watch them so I can get some me time, or time to clean up the pool table (partially filled with scrapping stuff, the rest is Nat's rocket crap!)

Off to kick Josh out of the study where he is playing with my buttons as I type. He has brought his "red" (favourite colour) jocks in with them. I think Daddy ignored him and didn't help him take off his nappy and put his jocks on.


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